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Türkiye Invest

Investing in real estate offers endless opportunities.

Your international property is more than just 4 walls. It is a concrete source of opportunities. By becoming a real estate investor with Türkiye Invest, your investment allows you to develop and secure your portfolio.

More security and more freedom.

But investing efficiently is a job.

Avoiding the pitfalls of real estate investment in a foreign country is not easy. Anyone who has been interested in international real estate investment knows that this activity is full of challenges. There are a number of different administrative and legal constraints to deal with. And finding trustworthy intermediaries is not always easy…

We have developed solutions.

This is why we created Türkiye Invest to make your life easier.

Our mission is to make real estate investment in Turkey accessible. We help individual investors who are looking for an efficient investment. We are constantly developing processes to facilitate access to high potential real estate assets.

We take care of everything.

Together, we are building our future through this opportunity.

The experience and the dedication of our team allow us to find unique and exclusive real estate investments. We develop a long-term relationship of trust with our investors. The ethical relationship and mutual interests are the basis for our growth together.
We optimize investment solutions for our community.

Your assets are growing.

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your project?

Analysis & Opportunity

« After several trips to Turkey and extensive market analysis, I realized the huge potential of the Turkish real estate market. Now, I want to make it possible for as many people as possible to benefit from this investment opportunity, which offers high returns and high capital gain potential. »

Raphaël Kroll – Founder & CEO

Our mission is to grow your assets

Türkiye Invest

Background: Why invest?

Today’s world is undergoing major changes and new crises are emerging. Economic, social, climatic and technological disruptions are occurring. This is why our network is constantly looking for the best investment opportunities all over the world. To be able to maintain or achieve a good quality of life, working – even a lot – is no longer enough.

You must optimize your finances and make smart investments.

Mission : Secure and develop your assets.

We want to help private individuals protect and develop their assets. In order to achieve this, we have developed solutions for accessing high quality, high potential real estate assets. But to achieve great things, it is necessary to be well surrounded. This is why we have built a network of expert partners who share our ambition and values.

Let’s secure and develop your assets together.

Vision: Turkey, a great opportunity

We strongly believe that Turkey will be a major economic player in the 21st century. By helping our clients to position themselves in quality real estate in Turkey, we are taking advantage of this opportunity together. We are capitalizing on its future growth and increasing attractiveness.

Get a high-quality property, with a good yield and in full safety.

Conviction & Vision

« I strongly believe that Turkey will be one of the major players in the world of tomorrow. Investing in quality real estate in the heart of its attractive areas represents, in my opinion, one of the best real estate investment opportunities of the next few years. »

Raphaël Kroll – Founder & CEO


Türkiye Invest

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