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Why should I invest in Türkiye?

Türkiye invest

A real estate market with great potential

An attractive tax system

A promising economic growth

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Türkiye invest

The solutions we provide

Türkiye invest

Real estate portfolio growth

We optimize the development of your international real estate assets in a promising economic market.

Passive income stream generation

We create a new passive source of income for you with our all-inclusive management from A to Z.

Return on investment

We select the best performing properties. You gain access to a booming market offering high returns on investment and significant capital gains.

Asset diversification

Türkiye Invest selects prime real estate assets in the most beautiful cities of Turkey to diversify and protect your assets.

Tax optimization

Our team can set up a tax consulting service with personalized solutions allowing you to benefit from attractive tax rates.

Legal and financial strategy

We can provide legal, financial and administrative support to optimize your position and the fulfillment of your goals.

Preparing for retirement

We accompany you in the setting up of customized strategies so that you can comfortably enjoy your retirement under the sun with a high purchasing power.

Preparing for expatriation

Türkiye Invest accompanies you throughout your project of settlement in Turkey. From the purchase of a main home, to obtaining the residency or the Turkish citizenship, we are by your side.

Family protection

We assist you in securing your real estate assets so that you can ensure the future of your spouse and children.

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A secure, high-performance investment

Türkiye Invest

High-quality assets

The real estate assets that we carefully select are high-quality properties. You benefit from a high return on investment over the long term. The selection process that we have developed offers you the possibility of realizing significant capital gains.

A dynamic and growing market

The growth of the Turkish real estate market is supported by the country’s economic growth and its rapidly increasing demography. The development of domestic and international tourism supports the rental demand. The many economic and financial partnerships contribute to the sustained development of Turkey.

A prime location between Europe and Asia.

Turkey has the specificity of being located on 2 continents: Europe and Asia. This position gives it a considerable geostrategic advantage. Turkey benefits from this central location on both a geopolitical and economic level. This also allows it to attract foreign capital inflows from all over the world.

Purchasing power and quality of life

Turkey offers high quality services at competitive prices. The depreciation of the Turkish lira benefits holders of strong foreign currencies such as euros and dollars. Living in Turkey will increase your purchasing power. The warm hospitality of the Turkish people is renowned throughout the world. The major Turkish cities are cosmopolitan and have a friendly and respectful atmosphere.

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