Why Türkiye

High-quality, low-priced real estate assets and high-potential opportunities.
A strategic location and a sophisticated millennial history.
A dynamic and growing economy.

Türkiye, a promising country

Turkey is in a fast evolving period with a young, educated and dynamic population. The Republic of Turkey is investing massively in new infrastructures and internationally attractive business hubs. Many economic forecasts put Turkey in the top 10 of the largest economic powers in 2050.

Now is the perfect time to enter the market.

High potential real estate

By strategically positioning ourselves on high-quality real estate, we provide our investors with the opportunity to benefit from high returns. You can benefit from the significant capital gain potential while enjoying a high level of security. Domestic demand and international capital inflows are constantly growing.

The value of the real estate market is increasing.

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A country with strong fundamentals

Türkiye Invest

A dynamic economy

One of the fastest growing economies in the world. Average annual GDP growth rate of 5.5%.

A growing demography

A young, dynamic and educated population. Half of the population is under 32 years old.

Positive investment environment

Strong investor protection and no barriers to foreign direct investment (FDI). A positive environment for investors and real estate developers.

Large domestic and international markets

Large domestic market and regional markets with free trade agreements (FTAs) allowing access to a billion consumers.

A strategic location

A key geostrategic location. Regional headquarters for multinationals with continuous global connectivity.

A skilled and competitive workforce

A well-trained, competitive and highly productive workforce. A major production and export center.

Lucrative incentives for innovation

Comprehensive, tailored incentive programs. The government promotes investment, innovation and industry development.

An attractive R&D ecosystem

A perfect place for technology development with great support. A new ecosystem that promotes start-ups.

A reliable and thorough system

Secure the future of your loved ones with an optimized real estate portfolio and a safe legacy. With respect and safety of property rights.

Türkiye Invest's founder analysis

« Real estate in Turkey is a market with great potential for growth. Driven by the country’s economic development, its growing demographics and its ever-increasing international attractiveness, real estate investment in Turkey combines all the green lights to increase in value. »

Raphaël Kroll – Founder & CEO

A thousand-year-old heritage and a promising future

Key geographical location

Due to its privileged location, Turkey is at the crossroads of Russia, the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Middle East. This strategic region, at the heart of the Silk Road, has always been a crossroads of economic, cultural and religious exchanges.

A rich and cosmopolitan history

Turkey has a deep and multifaceted history, which is reflected in Istanbul. An international city on the Bosphorus Strait, it houses centuries-old monuments: the great Hagia Sophia Mosque (completed in 537), the sumptuous 17th-century Blue Mosque and the Topkapı Palace, former residence of the sultans.

A popular growing destination

Turkey has become one of the most popular international tourist destinations in recent years. More and more foreigners, including a large population of European, come here to enjoy a pleasant vacation, to make investments or to become expatriates, especially for their retirement.

Invest in the core of a strategic area

A few figures about Turkey



Europe and Asia



84 million inhabitants in Turkey



15 million inhabitants in Istanbul, the economical capital of the country



Istanbul was the capital of 3 empires: Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman.



5.6 million inhabitants in Ankara, the administrative capital



GDP in 2020 of 717 billion dollars



Estimated GDP in 2050 of 4087 billion dollars


urban centers

24 major urban centers with more than 1 million inhabitants



Reaches nearly 1 billion consumers: 448 million in the EU, 463 million in the FTA and 84 million in Turkey



6th in the world’ s favourite tourist destinations ranking



Turkish Airlines connects over 323 destinations in 127 countries



Aegean Sea, Marmara Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea

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Advantages of the Turkish real estate market

Türkiye Invest

Attractive prices

Real estate prices in Turkey are very attractive compared to the prices in European countries. Indeed, they usually vary according to the cities and the sectors between 800€ and 1500€ per square meter. In contrast, Paris, with an average price per square meter of around €10,000, is one of the most overpriced cities in the world.


High rental yields

Turkey’s favorable economic context, developing tourism and the growing attractiveness of Turkey for international expatriates are all contributing to the increase in value of the rental property market. All of these factors allow us to generate rental returns around 10% gross.


A liquid market

A real estate sale takes about a week to complete in Turkey. Quality real estate benefits from high liquidity due to sustained demand and a supportive legal environment.

A favorable tax system

Low property tax and total exemption from capital gains tax after 5 years of ownership. Registration fees are only around 3%. And tax convention between several countries and Türkiye frames the entire process.

A well-controlled rental risk

Turkish legislation is protective of property rights. Our strategically positioned market sectors such as tourist rentals and long term rentals to expatriates benefit from almost zero risk of non-payment.

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